Handicrafts of Pakistan That You Must Buy

Handicrafts of Pakistan That You Must Buy

by Random Apparel

The products made without the help of the latest machines or tools but only made, designed and embellished with hands by using the special skills are the handicrafts and the skillful persons who made these are called craftsmen. More than eighty different handicrafts are made in Pakistan and each craft has its own traditional, geographical and regional value.

Handicrafts are the elements which express the regional and cultural identities. Pakistan has a rich history of handicrafts and each type shows its beauty, form, dignity, and style. Moreover, handicrafts are not new in the world but it has the 5000 years of history and each country have their styles of making handicrafts. Among other countries, handicrafts of Pakistan have their dignity around the globe and by exporting to other countries they also make the culture alive. Handicrafts of Pakistan come under the umbrella of luxury items for interior decoration.

Almost 80% of the handicrafts have been made in Sindh province and after that Punjab is the second-largest hub of making handicrafts in Pakistan. Handicrafts of Pakistan are especially known for the blue pottery ceramic items and Multan is the main hub of this.

Handmade blue pottery products

Other famous ornaments like Sindhi and Balochi caps, handmade Kashmiri shawls, purses, Peshawri carpets, Gujrati pottery, mirror work, marble sculpture, wooden work, camel skin lamps, Ajrak, Khussa, traditional jewelry and much more. Each handicraft grabs the attention and the beautiful colors always make the tourist buy beautiful crafts.

Types of Handicrafts in Pakistan

Well, you would find various types of handicrafts in Pakistan which reflects the culture of individual areas is related to. Many of the handicrafts have been transferred from the generations and the simplicity and glimpse which are inherited are still the same. The craftsman shows their talent and skills through different colors, shapes, and styles which can’t be avoided at all. There are many types of handicrafts in Pakistan and each category contains many items and here we are going to discuss what kind of handicrafts are Pakistan famous for.


Handmade pottery is the most known handicraft of Pakistan and it has a wide history too. Multan, Rawalpindi, Gujrat, and Bahawalpur are the main cities famous in making pottery items in which include decorative items, ceramic pottery tiles and panels, crockery and much more.

Types of Handicrafts in Pakistan

Handmade camel skin lamps have also the prominent value in the field of handicrafts and this item has also exported to other countries and people admire it due to its uniqueness.


Many of the items are included in this type of handicraft. Sargodha city is famous in wood artwork and lacquer wood artwork in which includes decorative items, wooden pottery, and craving. Chiniot is the main city known for wood craving and quality furniture is also popular there.

WoodWork Crafts in Pakistan

The most high-quality wood used in Pakistan is rosewood and it’s only available in Pakistan in Asia. The wooden crafts and furniture is made and craved from rosewood by the craftsmen and is popular across the country due to its quality and uniqueness.

Leather Goods and Brass

Balochistan and Peshawar are known for the brass and leather goods. Brass and wood are the oldest elements in handicrafts and have been used for centuries in making unique items each decade.

Leather Goods and Brass

Leather goods and jackets have been delivered across the country and to other countries too plus the metal has its value in art and craft.

Jewelry and Embroidery

Bahawalpur, Kashmir, Sindh, Multan, and Hunza are famous for hand embroidery, gemstones, and jewelry. Whether it’s embroidery on clothes or carpets these cities have marked the prominent name in embroidery,

Jewelry and Embroidery handicrafts in pakistan

Sindhi embroidery is the most famous embroidery among all. While, the precious gems and stones and different style of jewelry which includes bracelets, necklaces, rings, and head decoration stuff are included. Handmade Pashmina shawls and woven fabrics are the gem of Kashmir and praised all over the country. Chunri, Gota, block printing and hand-embroidered bed sheets are also the prominent handicrafts of Pakistan.

Sindhi embroidery

Moreover, Pakistan handicrafts are popular across the globe and each handicraft comes from a different area of Pakistan along with the individual heritage and style. Each area has its traditions and culture which could be seen from the handicraft belongs to that area. When you visit any handicraft shop you would have the handicrafts came from different cities of Pakistan. So let's get into some details so that next time you visit or order something you would know the details about that handicraft.

handicrafts in pakistan

Handicrafts of Lahore

You might not unaware of “Khussa” which is the famous handicraft of Lahore and it’s the tradition of Punjab. No matter which trend is going on Khussa is always in trend whether its curvy or royal style people prefer wearing handmade and hand-stitched Khussa at a wedding or traditional events. Khussa which are made in Lahore have been delivered across the country and available in different fabrics like velvet, jamawaar, silk, and cotton.

Khussa in pakistan

Khussa and brass are the famous handicrafts of Pakistan Lahore; they made brass products like decoration pieces, lamps, vases and much more.

Along with brass and Khussa, there are other handicrafts of Punjab in Pakistan like Chunri, Gotta and embroidery have been done in Bahawalpur, Himalayan salt products are made in Khewra, Sialkot is known for clay pottery, Sargodha and Dera Ismail Khan are famous for woodwork while Chiniot is known for wood craving.

Himalayan salt Lamp in Pakistan

Handicrafts of Karachi

The handicrafts of Karachi or the handicrafts of Sindh you can call them both and these handicrafts have been delivered across the country and at first glance, anyone can judge that its Sindhi handicrafts. The culture and tradition strongly reflect from each item. Rilli, Ajrak, Blue pottery and chunri are the famous handicrafts in Pakistan Karachi.

handicrafts of Sindh

Each handicraft has an ancient history as like Rilli has the widest history when women in the subcontinent used to make colorful quilts. Rillis are made in Sindh as well as in the adjoining cities too they are commonly used as a floor covering, storage bags, dowry and covering sleeping cots. Sindhi Topi and Ajrak are the famous handicrafts of Sindh, Karachi too.

Rillis Sindhi HandiCrafts

The Sindhi cap is the sign of Sindhi nationalism and an important part of the culture. They are handmade and hand-embroidered with the small mirror embellishments which make it different. Meanwhile, Sindhi embroidery is famous across the country and people especially make orders for Sindhi hand embroidery on clothes and bedsheets. Hand embroidered bags, caps, shawls, shoes and clothes are the special handicrafts of Karachi.

Sindhi nationalism

Handicrafts of Multan

You would find the handicrafts mixture of different cities like Multan is known for the clay pottery, blue pottery, Ajrak, embroidery, Khussa and camel skin, and bone handicrafts. The handicrafts of Lahore and Karachi could be found in Multan too. Artisans of Multan are famous across the country and the most special item is the camel skin lamps which also delivered to different countries.

Handicrafts of Multan

Clay pots, rugs, knotted carpets, door chimes, buckets, and blue pottery are the other famous handicrafts of Multan Pakistan. Blue Pottery crockery and decorative items are the famous and most demanded items in Pakistan, they are handmade and hand-painted and the different designs make each item worth buying.

Knotted Carpets

Handicrafts of Northern Pakistan

Hunza and Gilgit Baltistan are especially famous for the wooden craved pottery in which bowls, decoration pieces, and other handmade items are included, each item is hand carved and reflects the hard work of the artists. Moreover, they are also known for the different style of hand embroidery on clothes, bags, and rugs plus the gemstones, caps, and doorbells are also belongs to these areas. Pakistani handicrafts of Pakistan northern areas have a way different style than handicrafts of other cities and you can't resist yourself buying the splendid work of art. Marble carving decoration pieces have also done in Northern Pakistan in which included amazing decoration pieces, utensils, and artwork which is an eye-catcher.

Meanwhile, people of Azad Kashmir show their skills and worthy talent through making beautiful Rillis, cloths, embroidery and wooden crafts. The Kashmiri Pashmina shawls are famous in all over Pakistan, as its beautiful yet elegant hand embroidery makes it worth buying. Hand-woven fabrics are also famous which people of Kashmir made at home without extra facilities but the outcome is always splendid.

Pashmina shawls pakistan

Famous Handicrafts of Pakistan

We have highly talented craftsmen and artisans in Pakistan who serve the country and encourage the culture by making artistic pieces carrying the inherited skills. There are several famous handicrafts of Pakistan that are worth buying.

  • Blue Pottery: If you are the handicraft lover then you should never miss blue pottery items in any form like decoration pieces, crockery, vases, lamps, panels, kitchenware, bathroom ware or whatever you like. Blue pottery is handcrafted and hand-painted handicraft with amazing designs and colors.

Blue Pottery Multan

  • Camel skin crafts: Camel skin lamps or crafts are one of the famous handicrafts of Pakistan and its worth buying. Artisans use original camel skin and turn it into an artistic piece using their techniques and talent. The camel skin lamps are the most demanding handicraft in Pakistan and other countries too. It is the one-time investment as its durable yet elegant piece of art.

Camel skin crafts

  • Woodcraft: Wood Crafts include wooden carved decoration pieces, lamps, and pots are the other famous handicrafts. There is a lot of variety like wood tables, table accessories, stands, lamps, wall hanging plates, kitchen accessories and much more. Few of them must be in your home accessories

Woodcraft multan

  • Brass Crafts: Being admired and praised is the most satisfying emotion so adding luxury and unique handicrafts or decor items in your drawing room would be the best idea. Brass handicrafts in which different statues are included must be in your drawing room and they are one of the luxurious collections of crafts that reflect the sense of selection.

Brass Crafts Pakistan

  • Knotted Rugs: Hand-embroidered and hand-knotted rugs and carpets would be the best selection among other handicrafts while decorating your house. The magnificent rugs that came from northern areas are the must-have item.

handmade knotted carpets

Handicrafts of Pakistan Online

Well, there are many shops having handicrafts and antique pieces but they are not easily accessible to everyone as they are few. In this era of online shopping, buying handicrafts online is the most convenient option for everyone. But the question arises that where would you find the high-quality handicrafts which could be easily delivered to your place.


As you have read that there is a lot of option in handcrafts and it would be better that you get the huge option at one place. Artisans Galleria is the best option for getting handicrafts of Pakistan online at your doorstep. Artisans Galleria delivers high-quality products from all over Pakistan; you would have the bundle of options available at their website and deliver in a hassle-free way. So, get your favorite handicraft from Artisans Galleria and make yourself cultural yet elegant at the same time.

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